This page describes the exporters that are available in live documenter. These provide the basis for all exporting.

The following exporters are provided to generate documentation in various formats.

The Live Documenter application provides the following internal processors for generating documentation. Any details regarding the installation and use of the exporters are detailed in the pages below.

Web Exporter

The web exporter is an internal processor for converting files from one source to another using the specified LDEC XSLT file. Web is a bit of a misnomer as the processor does not really care what you convert the originating XML to.

This processor then is the most flexible, it can be used to convert to file formats such as static HTM files, dynamic PHP, .NET or even Markdown. Conceviably you could also generate XSL:FO files for later processing in to PDF files.

XML Exporter

This a basic processor, the one out of the box simply outputs the basic XML that the Live Documenter uses as an intermediate rich XML document for later processing to other formats.

Specifying extra information in an XML LDEC file such as an XSLT will not do anything. The processor does not perform any extra transform processing steps. If you want to convert from our base XML format to another, then the web exporter is what you will need.

This exporter is provided to enable you to quickly see an entire XML output for a project for developing your own custom LDEC files, or for processing a standardised output in other applications.

HTML Help 1 Exporter

The HTML Help 1 exporter is an internal processor in the Live Documenter, for compiling content transformed by an LDEC XSLT file in to a HTML 1 file. The HTML Help file is a proprietory format developed by Microsoft.

Where to get it

THe Microsoft HTML Help 1.x compiler can be downloaded from http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=14188. Please note that it may be necessary to run the HTML Help Workshop once before it is correctly registered.

HTML Help 2 Exporter

The HTML Help 2 exporter is an internal processor for compiling transformed files form the LDEC specified XSLT file in to a compiled HTML Help 2 file.

Where to get it

Please note that the only viewer for this format is in Visual Studio 2002-2008 and so producing in this format should only be necessary if you are intending to integrate with those version of Visual Studio.

Visual Studio 2008

If you have this version installed you can download the compiler from http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=21827

Visual Studio 2005

You will need to install the Visual Studio SDK. The download is no longer available on the Microsoft site.

Visual Studio 2003

If you have Visual Studio 2003 installed, install the Microsoft Help 2.x Compiler by installing the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Help Integration Kit, a Microsoft provided free Add-In to Visual Studio 2003 that provides the functionality for compiling Microsoft Help 2.x projects.

You can freely download the Visual Studio .NET Help Integration kit from this MSDN download page http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=13644

Help Viewer 1 Exporter

The Help Viewer 1 exporter is an internal processor for compiling transformed files from the LDEC XSLT in to a Help Viewer 1 file.