This page describes the options available to you to configure what and how information is displayed in the desktop application.

Document Settings

The following options can be configured with the Live Documenter desktop application.

Settings dialogue

Build Configuration

The build configuration allows you to select between Release and Debug. This is only relevant when reading documentation from a Visual Studio project or solution. This will direct the application to look in the Release or Debug folders respectively for libraries and XML comment files.

Syntax Language

This allows you to configure which syntax is displayed in the documentation pane. Currently you can choose between C# and VB.NET. After changing this option and navigating around the project you will see that the syntax blocks display in the selected language.

Visibility filter

The visibility filter controls which members and types are displayed in the documentation based on their access modifiers. You can choose a minimum of just public (public is always displayed and can’t be changed) and one or more of the following.

  • Internal
  • Private
  • Protected
  • Protected internal

After clicking accept the documentation will be updated to display only those types and members which match your criteria.