GetEntryFor(Int64, String)

Retrieves the ContentEntry for the provided key.
Namespace: TheBoxSoftware.API.LiveDocumenterAssembly: TheBoxSoftware.API.LiveDocumenter in (TheBoxSoftware.API.LiveDocumenter.dll)


public ContentEntry GetEntryFor(
	long key,
	string subKey


The unique Entry.Key to retrieve the documentation for.
The Entry.SubKey if required to get the documentation for.


The ContentEntry for the specified Key, or null if not found.


Each ContentEntry in the documentation provides a Key and SubKey, the Key is a unique identifier for a type while the SubKey helps to differentiate between groups of content for that type; such as the List of members.

So to retrieve the complete list of methods for a types you may do the following.

Documentation docs = new Documentation("mysolution.sln");
TableOfContents tocs = docs.GetTableOfContents();

ContentEntry method = tocs.GetEntryFor(123456, "Methods");

The SubKey is not required so passing null or an empty string to that parameter will get the type or member which the unique key related to.