Represents an individual entry in the Documentation.


Namespace: TheBoxSoftware.API.LiveDocumenterAssembly: TheBoxSoftware.API.LiveDocumenter in (TheBoxSoftware.API.LiveDocumenter.dll)


public sealed class ContentEntry


A content entry is a reference to an element in the documentation, some basic information about the element is made available - however the main function of this class is to obtain XML content from the Documentation class. Using the GetDocumentationFor(ContentEntry) method.

A secondary function is to obtain information about where this element exists in the document structure, through the use of GetParents() and Children methods. Which in returns ContentEntrys instances.

ContentEntry instances can be obtained by querying the TableOfContents. This can be done by the unique identifer for that element or by cref path. The latter is the most preferred due to the fact that across loads, the CRefPath will not change but the id will change each time.

Documentation docs = new Documentation("c:\mysolution.sln");
TableOfContents tocs = docs.GetTableOfContents(); // this TableOfContent instance is the 
                                                  // best way to find elements in the documentation

ContentEntry fromCref = tocs.GetEntryFor("T:TheBoxSoftware.API.LiveDocumenter.Documentation");
ContentEntry fromKey = tocs.GetEntryFor(123456, string.Empty);  // this number will change all 
                                                                // the time.


Retrieves a list of the parent entries for this ContentEntry


Gets a reference to the collection containing a sequence of child ContentEntrys for this entry.
Gets the unique crefpath for this documentation entry.
Gets a displayable version of the name for this documentation entry.
Indicates if the member has XML comments associated with it.
Indicates if this type is a container entry or a member entry.
Gets the key for this documentation entry.
Gets a reference to the parent entry.
Gets the subkey for this documentation entry.